Negotiating with the Insurance Company: Tips and Guidelines

If you are involved in an accident there is a good chance you will have to negotiate with an insurance company. The CT car accident lawyers at Licari, Walsh & Sklaver have been dealing with insurance companies since their beginning in 1999, so we have picked up a few pointers we would like to share with you today about negotiating with an insurance company.


Aft you submit a demand letter to an insurance company, the negotiations process will probably consist of nothing more than a few phone calls with an insurance adjuster. During the first call, you and the adjuster will each state your points of strength and weakness in your claim. Then the adjuster will make a settlement offer, typically lower than what you requested in your demand letter. You should counter their offer with an amount higher than the adjuster’s, but lower than the original figure in the demand letter. After two or three calls, you should agree on a compensation amount somewhere in between your original request and their original offer.


As you are putting together your demand letter, you should have calculated what you believe your claim is worth. Before you speak with an adjuster you should decide on minimum figure you will accept. This is something that shouldn’t be revealed to the adjuster, but kept in mind as you negotiate.


Don’t jump at the first offer, because it is probably well below the figure you calculated and probably even your minimum acceptable amount. But make sure that you do not exaggerate your claim or your settlement amount. This will usually cause problems, and you may not get to settle at all. Make sure you are being reasonable. And to keep the adjuster reasonable, ask them to explain and justify why their offer is so low. Make notes and then write a letter responding to the factors they mention. And as with everything, put the settlement in writing. Include the amount for which you settled, what injuries or damages the settlement covers, and the date you expect to receive settlement documents from the insurance company.


If the insurance company refuses to pay you fair and reasonable settlement, you may need the help of an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney to make your case for you, in further negotiations or in court. Click here or call Licari, Walsh & Sklaver today at (230) 752-1450 to speak with an experienced and trusted personal injury law firm in Connecticut.

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