Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation, commonly referred to as workers comp or workmans comp, is a group of laws that protect workers. Workers compensation acts as a type of insurance to makes sure that an employee who is injured or disabled on the job is able to get monetary awards. This means that the worker will not need to open a litigation case against their employer in order to be compensated for injury while in the workplace. In the event that the worker loses their life because of either an accident or illness related to their job, workers compensation will provide benefits for the workers family.

These laws and insurances are designed to protect both the worker and the employer. Employees understand that if they are harmed on the job, adequate care will be provided. Workers’ compensation will pay for everything from medication and hospital bills to money lost for time that cannot be spent working. Workers’ compensation also protects the employer by limiting how much money the employee can claim from their employer.

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