Get Experts On Your Side

One thing is similar in all personal injury cases—the necessity of expert witnesses. Personal injury cases involve damages, liability, and proof. Part of this proof or evidence of liability is an expert witness to provide the case with a standard of assessing damages and liability. It is critical that all of the expert witnesses agree on the elements of all three: damages, liability, and proof–in order for the plaintiff to be awarded compensation for his or her injuries.

The Connecticut personal injury attorneys at Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC will assemble a team of expert witnesses to give professional opinion on the negligence in question. To be clear, in all personal injury suits, including medical malpractice suits, auto accidents, or nursing home issues; negligence is defined as conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law to protect against unreasonable risk of harm.

In a traumatic brain injury case, for example, the negligence could be on the part of a medical health provider, a pharmaceutical company, or by an individual who caused an accident. The victim could experience a decrease in cognitive brain function, the inability to work, or other psychological or physiological detriment. The expert witnesses called by our Connecticut personal injury law firm could include another healthcare professional, a neurologist, psychologist, etc. who will assess how the victim’s medical case, the range of their impairment, and how their daily lifestyle has been altered. The expert witness’s assessments are specifically important because they outline the necessity and cost of future treatment and/or training and how it relates to the severity of the injury.

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