Cell Phones and the Road Don’t Mix

If you have ever driven while using a cell phone, then you should read this article carefully. If you were in an auto accident while using a cell phone, regardless of whether or not you are found legally responsible, it could have a significant affect on your case and compensation. The experienced, trusted personal injury attorneys in Connecticut from the law firm of Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC want you to know the risks when you pick up that phone in the car.

Examples of reckless driving caused by a cell phone:

In most personal injury lawsuits, the defendant is blamed for an accident. If the defendant was using a cell phone before or during an accident, it will certainly affect the outcome of the case. In other recent cases, injured plaintiffs have also contributed to the accident because they were using a cell phone. The plaintiff’s comparative or contributory negligence will affect their compensation.

Employees on Cell Phones

Recent accident cases have argued that employers may be held legally responsible for their employee’s accident if the employee was on a work-related call at the time of the accident. The injured plaintiff is more likely to sue the employer than the employee, typically because the employer has more money. Because of this, a growing number of employers have prohibited employees from making or taking work-related calls.

Children on Cell Phones

Cell phones and electronics distract teenage drivers constantly, but while driving this is especially dangerous. In some cases, where a minor has caused an accident because of cell phone use, courts have ruled that the parent of the minor child is held responsible for damages. The laws are yet undecided, but parents should consider this when handing their children the keys and a cell phone.


Insurance companies have noticed the increase in cell phone-related accidents and this will most likely have an affect on your premiums and policy. So put down the cell phone and drive.

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