Christopher M. Licari

I was born in Philadelphia in 1967, and grew up in North Haven, Connecticut, the son of a New Haven lawyer and later Connecticut Superior Court Judge, who practiced at a time when being a lawyer was more an honored profession than a business, when lawyers were hired on recommendation and reputation and not on the flash of a marketing campaign.  I have worked hard to build my own reputation true to this spirit while being a thoroughly prepared and thoughtful caretaker of my clients.  I have tried many cases in state and federal court with results other lawyers would boast about, but I take as much pride resolving other cases — small and large, less complicated and more — without the need for trial.  I am proud that my peers have rated me as a Super Lawyer and am honored they have selected me to serve as a private arbitrator and to have been appointed as an arbitrator in the Superior Court for the State of Connecticut.

super lawyers

What I like about being a lawyer:  Receiving a simple “thank you” from a client I have served well.

What bugs me as a lawyer:   Words and language are the tools of our craft, and I try to use them properly.  Would you hire a carpenter whose hammer was broken or go to doctor whose stethoscope only had one earpiece?  So, typos and lazy language, like cliches (currently, “it is what it is”), bug me.

I graduated with honors from Tufts University in 1989 and from Quinnipiac University School of Law, also with honors, in 1992. I am admitted to practice in state and federal court in Connecticut.

Let me go to work for you.