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Running a business has never been easy. This is especially true today when there is an ever-increasing amount of rules and regulations that business owners and managers must comply with. Many of the laws that are important for businesses to stay up to date on, concern employee relations. Employers have a many legal obligations when it comes to their employees. Employees are also obligated to follow the employment policies of the company that they work with. A Connecticut employment lawyer can help you create an employee handbook that will keep your company in compliance with both state and federal law.

Employee Handbook

A well drafted employee handbook can protect both the employer and the employee if problems arise in the future. An employee handbook should describe exactly what the company policies are concerning things such as:

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The attorneys at Licari, Walsh and Sklaver have been helping companies resolve issues concerning employment in Connecticut since 1999. They understand the importance of a company having an employee handbook that is both comprehensive, but brief enough to be easily understood by employees. An employee handbook must also be up to date.

An experienced Connecticut employment lawyer at the Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC Law Firm will review your company’s current employee handbook to ensure that it is in compliance with and up to date with both state and federal law.

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