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Severance Agreements

A severance agreement is an arrangement between an employer and an employee that sets specific actions to occur if the employee becomes unemployed. Usually, the parties agree on the severance agreement before the employee begins work. However, the employer may have to come up with a spontaneous severance agreement for an employee who believes that he or she has been terminated unjustly. The company may offer that person an arrangement to defuse an escalating situation.

The severance agreement usually includes compensation for the separated employee for a certain amount of weeks. The employer may include medical benefits or life insurance in the agreement, as well.

A person may have a difficult time receiving his or her severance pay after ending employment in Connecticut. The employer may try to say that the company had a legitimate reason for not paying severance to the employee that the agreement stated he or she should receive. If that is the case, the employee will need to hire a reliable Connecticut employment lawyer to review the contract. Furthermore, to ensure the employee’s best interests are being protected. The specialists at Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC are a team that will fight for you.

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