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Wage and Hour Issues

How our Connecticut Attorneys help you with Wage and Hour Disputes

Employees should always receive their deserved pay. Our Connecticut employment lawyer can help in several matters. Including, but not limited to: overtime labor laws, wage hours, the withholding of the earned pay, or any wrong interpretations of the workers’ employment status. Our lawyers will ensure that employers respect your rights as stipulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Wage and Hour Disputes in Connecticut
Our law firm Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC believes that workers should not just sit and watch if the company management refuses to pay overtime wages or violates wage and hour wage regulations. Call our Connecticut employment lawyer for employment contract law disputes or any of the following issues:

• The failure to pay sales commissions.

• Demand for the employee to perform duties without pay in the off the clock hours.

• Refusal to obey the employment contract agreement.

• Denial of overtime pay.

• Unpaid, delayed, or reduced wages.

• Failure to implement the minimum wage regulations.

• Misclassification of employees from the exempt and nonexempt legal categories.

Connecticut Employment Attorneys for Wage and Hour Cases
Employers can fail to pay for the hours worked outside the work premises, which is unfair and illegal. The time you spend serving your employer should fall within the compensable whether you work in the office or from home.

The compensable time includes the examples below:
• Checking job-related emails from your home
• Computer work
• Working as an on-call staff
• Working during tea or meal breaks
• Putting on or off equipment
• Undergoing security checks
• Attending seminar or training
• Employer granting five to twenty minutes short breaks

Make your Employment in Connecticut Count
You should get payments for spending time and using talent, skills, or knowledge to serve and promote the employer’s interests. Our lawyers will assist to file overtime pay complaints or handle collective action suits in the courts or the U.S. Department of
Labor Wage and Hour Division hearings.

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