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Legal Assistance for the Drivers of “Lemon” Vehicles

In Connecticut, the informal term “lemon law” pertains to automotive warranties. The law is designed to protect consumers who lease or purchase vehicles that fail to operate as specified. A Connecticut motor vehicle attorney has the experience and knowledge to help consumers who get stuck with these “lemon” cars. Such assistance is available from the law firm of Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC.

Understanding the Lemon Law
The law extends to new passenger vehicles and motorcycles that have been bought or leased in Connecticut after Oct. 1, 1998, provided the problem occurs within two years of purchase or before the odometer reaches 24,000 miles. The mileage requirement is reduced to 18,000 on vehicles purchased new before that date. The law does not extend to vehicles that have undergone unauthorized modifications or have otherwise been abused by their owners or operators. It also does not extend to used vehicles.

How to Deal With a Lemon
If you have a recurring problem with your vehicle, you should first contact the dealer or manufacturer. These parties have a right to take the action needed to correct the defect. If the repairs are not successful and the problem persists, you can request arbitration assistance from the Department of Consumer Affairs. If the ruling is in your favor, the manufacturer will have to replace the vehicle or provide a refund that includes any costs that you may have incurred. However, you will usually not be able to appeal a decision that goes against you.

Seeking Legal Assistance
Although legal representation is not required for participation in the arbitration process, anyone with a “lemon” should consider seeking the services of a Connecticut motor vehicle attorney. A lawyer can directly negotiate with the manufacturer, taking much of the stress out of your situation. Understanding the law, an attorney will find the best way of resolving the conflict and can greatly increase the possibility of a successful outcome. If you are stuck with a lemon vehicle, protect your rights as a consumer by contacting the law firm of Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC.