Estate Administration/Probate

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Estate Administration/Probate

Probate lawyers are a category within estate and trust lawyers. These types of lawyers manage the last testament (will) of deceased individuals. There are often disputes that arrive with these types of cases due to disagreements of property by family members, confusion, or a lack of a will.

After a family member passes, probate attorneys review and distribute property left in the deceased’s estates and trusts. Sometimes family members can dispute over property rights because of loose terms in a will. Some wills, especially those containing a good deal of property and terms, can be extremely long and complex which often causes confusion among the beneficiaries. Legal representation from an experienced law office, such as Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC is often needed to resolve these disputes.

It is extremely important for everybody to draft a will and it’s never too early. No matter how few belongings you may own, without a will you will have no control over who receives your belongings. It is important to have a lawyer that is extremely knowledgeable to draft your will in order to avoid confusion and to guide you in the right direction according to your wishes.

Probate is a type of law that is very complicated and lawyers require a lot of experience to be able to handle them correctly. Fortunately, Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC is there with the professional knowledge you need.