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Wills and Trusts/ Estate Planning

Having a properly prepared estate plan is a critical step toward protecting your assets and leaving them to loved ones as desired.  Estate planning is definitely not one size fits all. At the firm of Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC our experienced professionals have the expertise to assist you and your family in planning your estate.

We provide customized legal plans for our clients by assisting them in all areas of estate planning including the following: asset protection, wills and trusts, advance medical directives, and powers of attorney.

The documents required in a typical estate plan consist of a will describings how you would like your assets distributed; a statutory durable power of attorney; an advance directive which contains a “living will”, an appointment of a health care representative and an appointment of a conservator should one be needed in the future; and a medical privacy release form.  In certain situations, you may also want a revocable trust (sometimes called a “living trust”),  or an irrevocable trust, or a life insurance trust.

A proper estate plan will not only insure that your wishes are followed following your death, but also will make the probate process much easier and less expensive for your surviving heirs.

 We strive to help our clients feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives with us so that we can craft the most suitable plan for each individual situation. We walk our clients through the estate planning process—from analyzing a family’s financial circumstances and goals, to drafting and implementing the estate plan. Our estate planning attorneys are well-versed in the estate planning laws of Connecticut and the United States. Without advanced estate planning strategies, the assets you have accumulated may not end up where you want them to end up. We help families preserve their wealth for future generations.

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