Personal Injury Case?

Why Us for Your

Personal Injury Case?

You have a choice. There are plenty of personal injury attorneys out there. We get it. So, why us? Because our fee philosophy, tenacity, personal attention, and experience make a difference.

FEE PHILOSOPHY. You’ve seen the ads: “No Fee Guarantee,” “No Fee Unless We Win,” “Our No Fee Promise,” and the like. This is nothing new – personal injury attorneys have been handling cases on this basis for generations. It’s called a contingent fee arrangement. With this arrangement you owe no legal fee if for whatever reason there is no money recovery in your case, and if there is a money recovery then the fee is calculated as a percentage of that recovery, usually one-third. So, let’s say you have $30,000 in unpaid medical bills and your case resolves for $75,000.00. After the one-third legal fee of $25,000 and payment of the medical bills, you would receive $20,000 — less than the attorney! This won’t happen with us. When we work on a contingent basis our fee philosophy is that unless your recovery is reduced by a something like a child support obligation or social services lien unrelated to your case, our fee will not exceed your portion of the recovery.  Plain and simple – we will reduce our fee so you get at least an equal amount.  Also, we don’t track the time we spend on your personal injury case to see if at the end, the case was “profitable” for us. Our goal is simply to get the most compensation for you, regardless of how much work it may take.

TENACITY. The mark of a good lawyer is not how much the lawyer recovers for a client (the fact is, in most instances a large recovery is more indicative of an extreme injury than the lawyer’s influence), it is how much more the lawyer recovers for a client than what the responsible party or their insurance company might have been willing to pay without the lawyer’s involvement. The fact that I’ve taken on a personal injury case means I believe the case has merit — I see a path to recover money for my client. When the other side says no, I work harder. Take the following cases for example.

imageMy client was injured when a car pulled out from a commercial parking lot in front of the motorcycle on which she was a passenger, causing collision. I believed the owner of the lot allowed cars to be parked too close to the road so as to obstruct the exiting car’s view of oncoming traffic. As you can see from their letter, the owner’s insurance company disagreed and stated it would not be making any payment. We sued and fought for almost five years, and after taking multiple depositions and our accident reconstructionist recreating the scene by computer, on the eve of trial the insurance company paid close to half a million dollars!


imageAnd I work just as hard on smaller cases.  On October 1, 2015 Liberty Mutual told me they thought my client, who they insured under an underinsured motorist policy, was responsible for the collision and would not be making any settlement offer. I pressed on, obtained evidence that the other driver was intoxicated, and forced Liberty Mutual to pay a settlement of $22,000.  This was after we received $100,000 from the other driver.  This result was particularly satisfying because another law firm had turned down the case — thinking it could not be won. Let me put this tenacity to work for you!

PERSONAL ATTENTION. I, Christopher M. Licari, am the lawyer you will meet at the beginning of your case, with whom you will work throughout your case, and the lawyer who will see your case to a conclusion, whether by settlement, arbitration, or trial. I do have a dedicated personal injury paralegal, but we work together on your case. I will explain the process each step of the way and you will be able to reach me after hours and on weekends. I will not pass you off to a less experienced associate.  I enjoy getting to know my clients and learning what makes them and their case unique.  I treat each case knowing it is the only opportunity you have to recover compensation for your injury, and you won’t feel as though you are just a file number or be pressured to settle because the law firm needs to meet its monthly settlement quota.

EXPERIENCE. I have been advocating for clients injured by the fault of another since 1992, having tried many cases to jury verdict in both state and federal court, recovering combined millions of dollars in money damages. For over 10 years I have served as a court arbitrator upon appointment by the Chief Court Administrator for the State of Connecticut.  In this capacity I have presided over dozens of hearings in personal injury cases, and this perspective has enabled me to hone my own advocacy skills.  I have also been selected to serve as a private arbitrator, where the parties entrust me to decide their case. I am known to insurance adjusters and defense attorneys throughout Connecticut as a straightforward, hardworking advocate for my clients who will not back down.  I am honored when other attorneys call to “pick my brain” and to receive personal injury referrals from my colleagues.