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Claim Against Bar

For most people most of the time, a nightclub or bar is a place to relax, enjoy a drink, and chat with friends. For some people, a nightclub or bar is a place to forget problems with a drink or two and often more. The “often more” part sometimes leads to a physical fight and that can lead to injury.

If such a physical fight does happen in a nightclub or bar, who is at fault? If you are the victim, can you sue the bottle thrower? Is the establishment liable if you are hit by a thrown bottle?

To win your case against a nightclub or bar, you must prove that negligence caused your injury. Did the establishment serve intoxicated customers? Was the bar known for its loose – or non-existent – security measures? Was there negligent supervision?  We at Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC know this because not only have we brought personal injury cases against bars, we have represented bars who have been sued, and this, we believe, uniquely positions us to know the ins and outs of the bar business and how a bar may be liable for your injury.

If you are injured in a nightclub or bar, you should first report the attack to the establishment owner and the authorities. However, trouble in a bar may not always get the cooperation of the owner. To insure your full protection in Connecticut, contact Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC for the services of a New Haven personal injury attorney who understands the laws that apply to personal injury cases. If you are involved in any injury in a nightclub or bar, let a Connecticut personal injury attorney make sure that those laws serve you.