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Interstate and Parkway Accidents


Tips for Avoiding Interstate and Parkway Accidents

While we can’t always avoid interstate and parkway crashes, there are certainly some things you can do to ensure you aren’t the cause of one. As a New Haven accident attorney with experience in handling interstate and parkway accidents, we have learned that being safe and alert on the roadways helps to protect yourself, your passengers and the others.  So, when driving:

Avoid Distractions

While this is certainly an obvious tip, it still needs to be repeated. Distracted driving is dangerous. Distractions include talking on your phone, texting, changing the radio station, eating and applying makeup. When you’re in the car driving, the only thing you should be concentrating on is your driving. Absolutely everything else can wait.

Keep the Lights On

While many newer cars come with daytime headlights, if yours does not, keep your headlights on. Headlights serve as a warning to others, as it makes them more aware of oncoming traffic.

Avoid Dangerous Practices, Such as Speeding, Tailgating and Lingering in Blind Spots 

When you’re speeding, it reduces your overall reaction time. Even if your speed is safe for the road conditions, excessive speed does not allow you enough time to react and execute evasive action.

Tailgating is another dangerous driving habit of many. It’s best to follow the three-second rule, which is locating an object such as a tree or signpost and count how long it takes you to reach that object after the car ahead of you does. If it’s less than three seconds, you’re too close to that car.

And avoid staying in another vehicle’s bling spot — that hard to see area just before your vehicle pulls even with theirs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular upkeep on your car is necessary, and this is more than just your oil changes. Keep on top of recalls for defective parts, rotate your tires, make sure the tire pressure is correct, and change the brake pads when needed.

Car accidents happen, and you can’t always prevent them.  If you’re injured in a car accident, contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer at Licari, Walsh & Sklaver, LLC right away and we can help you sort things out.