Diane and Mark

We were away and just received your letter today. Thank you for your detailed explanation of our refund. You put such effort and dedication into your work. It’s been a privilege to meet someone whose work is driven by principles rather than the almighty dollar. You are amazing. And, congratulations to you too Gary, because we never would have won this hearing without your counsel. Thank you for all your efforts and the calming effect you have on my personality. Lucky you, you weren’t stuck with a client who acted like a deer in headlights at the hearing! In retrospect, it was actually fun to kick some Ford butt with you but I wouldn’t want to do it again. You were truly brilliant at our hearing and had the Ford “expert” dancing. I was delightfully surprised to see your talents in action. Go, Perry Mason! Thank you again for all your help. We will keep you posted on our progress with Ford. And, of course, when we need a lawyer in the future we will think integrity and we will think of you.

In Appreciation,